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Adult Psychological Assessments 

Comprehensive Evaluations Provide Unique Insight Into the Psychological Functioning of Adults. Assessments are Completed Based on Specific Referral Questions. 

Psychological Evaluations to Public Service Agencies or Independent Evaluations for Rejected Candidates:

Per POST Regulation 1955, The POST psychological screening dimensions provide validated, behaviorally-defined peace officer psychological attributes. Each dimension includes a job-related, behaviorally-based definition and a list of associated positive and counterproductive peace officer work behaviors, based on the input of numerous subject matter experts in the field of law enforcement and psychology. The dimensions provide common terminology for psychologists and hiring authorities in evaluating the psychological suitability of peace officer candidates.


FEHA Regulation 2 CCR § 7294.0(d)(2), provides the rejected candidate with the right to submit an independent evaluation before a final determination is made, does not specify a time limit within which the second opinion must be received. Consultation with the department's legal counsel is advisable before establishing such a departmental policy.

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