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Children Services


Comprehensive evaluations give parents and caretakers the advantage of understanding their child's unique needs. Assessments are completed based on specific referral questions. 

Do you want to know?

  • your child's intellectual capacity and understand it in relevance to their performance

  • your child's perception of themselves and others

  • how your child behaves in relevance to their peers at home and in the school environment

Do you need assistance?

  • improving your communication with your child

  • understanding your child's internal motivations and their behaviors

  • supporting your child's learning 

  • seeking accommodations for your child at school

  • improving your child's social skills

Direct Services

Developmentally, children may not always have the language to articulate the various emotions they experience. From a behavioral perspective, they often act out what they experience internally. Learning about the function of behavior can help us, adults, understand the best ways to address our child's needs. 

Dr. Wheldon has experience providing psychological assessments and direct therapy for children. She has served as a school counselor for St. Joachim Catholic School and worked with the Attention Learning Center in Orange County, CA. 

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