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Resilience is a Process That Starts Before Critical Incidents


Culturally competent psychologists look at the health, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and environmental factors of individuals and families involved in first responder professions. We respond to critical incidents, supervise and manage peer support teams, and provide clinical services to individuals, couples, and families. We understand challenges are not only trauma related but can be connected to organizations, cultural demands, as well as to the transitions between the firehouse and the family. If you or your family member are connected to public service and are looking for a provider who understands the culture, please let me know how we can assist you.

Are you a couple who is contemplating the next steps of your relationship or struggling to find common ground? It might be time to seek therapy from a licensed professional. These sessions assist clients with developing positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances. Let me assist you as you create a shared plan for your relationship and future.

Fire Psychology: Service
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