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Healthy Transitions: Retirement


This ten week package includes weekly one on one educational sessions with a Fire Psychologist who has served as Director of Behavioral Health for a large municipal fire department. Due to state licensing laws, this service can be provided in California, CA either virtually or in person at either a Pasadena or San Clemente office.


  1. Initial Session: Retirement Plan Development & Goal Setting
  2. Psychology of Transition
  3. Emotional Intelligence and Regulation
  4. Review: Education & Application
  5. Thought Control Techniques- Identifying and Replacing Negative Thoughts
  6. Emotion Regulation
  7. Fostering a Balanced Identity
  8. Developing Coping and Deploying Strategies
  9. Mental Readiness Plan
  10. Review: Education & Application

Fire Psychology: Package 4: Health Transitions Into Retirement

  • No refunds. All sales are final. 

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