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Fire Service Family Preparation: Premarital Planning


This ten week package includes weekly educational sessions with you, your significant other, and a Fire Psychologist who has served as Director of Behavioral Health for a large municipal fire department. Due to state licensing laws, this service can be provided in California, CA either virtually or in person at either a Pasadena or San Clemente office. Package will follow the Gottman Model while Incorporating an Understanding of Fire Service Culture. 

1. Meaning of Marriage and Commitment
2. Relationship Dynamics within the Fire Service: Managing Loneliness, Fear, Ambiguous Loss
3. Nurturing Fondness and Admiration
4. Review: Education and Application
5. Turning toward Each Other
6. Accepting Influence and Understanding Power Dynamics
7. Conflict Resolution
8. Overcoming Gridlock: Understanding Internal Rejection Patterns
9. Creating Shared Meaning for Marriage and For Life
10. Review: Education and Application

Fire Psychology: Package 2: Premarital Planning

  • No returns. All sales are final. 

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